About me

I am a spiritual parenting coach, founder of the Iinternationally Bestselling Conscious Creators Magazine series, and author of the Internationally bestselling book How to Teach the Universal Laws to Children. I am a certified hypnotherapist, LOA coach, Certified in Indigo studies and Indigo Card Reader. 
In working as a spiritual parenting coach I help parents to support their children with spiritual forces. and help children, adolescents, young adults to recognize their relationship with the universe, the laws of nature, find their inner compass that will lead them to a fulfilling life.

Years ago I worked at the Hungarian educational center, I dealt with ADD / ADHD children.Children have a need for spiritual development, and keeping their innate spiritual abilities alive . I used mandala coloring as art therapy combined with short guided visualization and symbols cards.

I experienced growth.

If these methods to support the development of our children, why do we not apply them in kindergarten and school? I decided to make this information available on my blog in articles for all the parents and teachers who have open hearts and mind to accepting it.