Spiritual Practices – Manifesting what you want with Angels Blessings

When I started writing the Spiritual Practical blog, it was my intention to share with you exercises that can help both parents and children.

I received a lot of emails and messages saying that you would like to receive audio recordings of the meditations.

The prayers and meditations do not require a lot of time but are extremely effective.

Invite the Angels into your life consciously and become able to create anything you want with clearing your mind and a few relaxing minutes.

You can purchase The Flower of Manifestation meditation (mp3) 2.22 USD, here: 

I am grateful for the amount of time and effort that it takes to compiles your development.

Indigo Oracle Card E-mail Reading

If you have a question about Your Child or your life ( your Inner Child) you can ask an Indigo Oracle Card or Angel Oracle E-mail Reading. 

Emailed Readings

We currently offer 2 readings which are sent to you in a PDF format to your email address.

5 Cards Indigo Oracle Reading:  25 USD

5 Cards Angel Oracle Reading: 25 USD

After your Purchase has been made we will send your emailed reading to the email address provided in your PayPal order form. Emailed readings will be sent to you within 10 days of the payment date.